1,3-diphenyl-2-thiourea | 102-08-9 - chemicalbook

1,3-Diphenyl-2-thiourea | 102-08-9 - ChemicalBook

Visit ChemicalBook To find more 1,3-Diphenyl-2-thiourea(102-08-9) information like chemical properties,Structure,melting point,boiling point,density,molecular formula,molecular weight, physical properties,toxicity information,customs codes.

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cas registry | 全球信赖的化学物质信息资源 | 美国化学文摘社 | cas

CAS REGISTRY | 全球信赖的化学物质信息资源 | 美国化学文摘社 | CAS

CAS 登记号是化学物质的“黄金标准”。CAS REGISTRY®(即CAS物质合集)是物质准确化学名称、结构和CAS登记号的权威信息来源。网站每日更新数千种新物质信息。欢迎访问CAS美国化学文摘社网站了解更多信息。

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cas no caucho acelerador dptu proveedores toda calidad cas no ...

cas no caucho acelerador dptu proveedores toda calidad cas no ...

China N-N'-Diphenyl Thiourea (DPTU, CA) CAS NO.102-08-9. Como uno de los fabricantes y proveedores más profesionales de n-n'-difenil tiourea (dptu, ca) no. 102-08-9 en China, contamos con productos de calidad y precios competitivos. Tenga la seguridad de comprar a granel n-n'-difenil tiourea (dptu, ca) cas no 102-08-9 de nuestra fábrica.

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china dipentaerythritol(dpt) cas no:126-58-9 manufacturers ...

China Dipentaerythritol(DPT) CAS NO:126-58-9 Manufacturers ...

Looking for bulk dipentaerythritol(dpt) cas no:126-58-9 in stock? We're one of the leading dipentaerythritol(dpt) cas no:126-58-9 manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to buy quality products at reasonable price here from our factory and check the quotation with us.

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acelerador dptu(ca) tiocarbanilida cas no.102-08-9

ACELERADOR DPTU(CA) Tiocarbanilida CAS NO.102-08-9

Somos fabricantes y proveedores profesionales de aceleradores dptu (ca) tiocarbanilida cas no. 102-08-9 en China, especializados en proporcionar productos de alta calidad a bajo precio. Le damos una calurosa bienvenida para que compre el acelerador de descuento dptu (ca) tiocarbanilida cas no. 102-08-9 en existencia aquí en nuestra fábrica. Contáctenos para cotización.

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gestión de proveedores | safetyculture

Gestión de proveedores | SafetyCulture

La calidad de los proveedores se mide mediante sistemas de gestión de la calidad (SGC). Están hechos para ayudar a las empresas a mejorar sus procesos y procedimientos para producir productos consistentes. Hay dos tipos principales de SGC: interno y externo. El SGC interno mide la calidad de los bienes producidos en una empresa.

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acelerador de caucho de productos químicos al por mayor de ...

Acelerador de caucho de productos químicos al por mayor de ...

Acelerador de productos químicos Dptu al por mayor, proveedores de productos químicos. Acelerador DPTU (CA) CAS NO.102-08-9 Agente auxiliar de aditivo de caucho para calzado, alambre eléctrico, neumáticos, materiales industriales. US $ 3-7 ... Fábrica de productos químicos al por mayor / Acelerador de caucho CA (DPTU) / CAS No: 102-08-9.

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cas no.102-08-9,1,3-diphenyl-2-thiourea suppliers,msds download

CAS No.102-08-9,1,3-Diphenyl-2-thiourea Suppliers,MSDS download

Thiourea,N,N'-diphenyl- 102-08-9. Min.Order: 1 Kilogram. FOB Price: USD $ 0.0-0.0. 1.No Less 8 years exporting experience. Clients can 100% received goods 2.Lower Price with higher quality 3,Free sample 4,We are sincerely responsible for the "product quality" and "After Service" Upbio is Specialized.

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rubber accelerators - qingdao rayway chemical co.,ltd.

Rubber Accelerators - QingDao Rayway Chemical Co.,Ltd.

The product is not sprayed in the rubber material, has no pollution, and can be used in the manufacture of inner tubes, rubber shoes, rubber cloth, industrial products, etc. The dosage is 0.2-1.0 when it is used as an accelerator in natural rubber or synthetic rubber, and the dosage is 2.0-6.0 when it is used as a vulcanizing agent.

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accelerator dptu (ca) n n -diphenylthiourea cas no.102-08-9 ...

accelerator dptu (ca) n n -diphenylthiourea cas no.102-08-9 ...

mbs rubber chemical accelerator, mbs rubber chemical. wholesale research chemicals / Rubber Accelerator CA(DPTU) / CAS No:102-08-9 Baofull Chemical Co., Limited (Liuzhou) 10 Metric Tons (Min. Order) We specializes in many kinds of rubber accelerator for the international market. It has level and middle cure rate and higher Vulcanization ...

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westco™ dptu accelerator for rubber - wrchem

WESTCO™ DPTU Accelerator for Rubber - wrchem

WESTCO™ DPTU Accelerator - (N,N’-Diphenylthiourea) WESTCO™ DPTU Accelerator (N,N’-Diphenylthiourea) CAS# 102-08-9 WESTCO™ DPTU non-discoloring accelerator that provides rapid acceleration in most elastomers. It is effective at low temperatures and its vulcanizates have good heat stability.

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rayway™ rubber accelerator dptu - qingdao rayway chemical co ...

RAYWAY™ Rubber Accelerator DPTU - QingDao Rayway Chemical Co ...

Molecular Formula: C13H12N2S Molecular Weight: 228.31 CAS NO: 102-08-9 Specification: Item Powder Oiled powder Appearance White powder Initial M.P. ℃ ≥ 148.0 148.0 Loss on drying % ≤ 0.30 0.50 Ash % ≤ 0.30 0.30 Residue on 150μm sieve % ≤ 0.10 0.10 Residue on 63μm sieve % ≤ 1.0 1.0…

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rubber accelerator dptu - chembk

Rubber Accelerator DPTU - ChemBK

Rubber Accelerator DPTU - Nature. white, shiny, patchy crystals with a bitter taste. The melting point of 154~155 deg C, the relative density of 1.32. Insoluble in water and carbon disulfide, soluble in Tetrahydrofuran, cyclohexanone, acetone, alcohol, ether. Slightly soluble in polyvinyl chloride with a variety of plasticizers.

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wellt dptu | welltchem.com

Wellt DPTU | welltchem.com

Category: Rubber Accelerator. Description. CHEMICAL NAME: N,N’-Diphenylthiourea. CAS NO.: 102-08-9. Wellt DPTU can be used as the fast vulcanization accelerator of the natural latex and chloroprene rubber latex. It also can be used as the polyvinyl chloride’s heat stabilizer of emulsion polymerization, especially suitable for the soft ...

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rubber accelerator dptu-80 – ylsch-rbb

Rubber Accelerator DPTU-80 – ylsch-rbb

Rubber Accelerator DPTU-80. CHEMICAL NAME: 1,3-Diphenyl-2-thiourea MOLECULAR FORMULA: C 13 H 12 N 2 S MOLECULAR WEIGHT: 228.31 CAS NO: 102-08-9 CHEMICAL STRUCTURE ...

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dptu-80 rubber accelerator rubber auxiliary agent

Dptu-80 Rubber Accelerator Rubber Auxiliary Agent

Technical Data Sheet STAIR Rubber Accelerator DPTU(CA) Chemical Name: N-N'-Diphenylthiourea Structure: Molecular Formula: C 13 H 12 N 2 S Molecular Weight: 228.31 CAS NO: 102-08-9 Specification: Item ...

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rubber chemicals for elastomers (accelerators) 5-2017 - harwick

Rubber Chemicals for Elastomers (Accelerators) 5-2017 - Harwick

Rubber Chemicals for Elastomers Accelerators Trade Name Chemical Name CAS Registration Number Type Cure Speed Form Comments Ekaland™ DPG N,N'-Diphenyl guanidine 102-06-7 Secondary Medium 1,2,3 Very slow accelerator, but can aid in reversion resistance and is a non-nitrosamine alternative Ekaland™ DOTG N,N'-Di-o-tolyl-

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select accelerators for rubbers - specialchem

Select Accelerators for Rubbers - SpecialChem

Select Accelerators for Rubbers. Accelerators are added in small amounts to speed up the curing of adhesives by reducing the cure time and temperature of elastomers, particularly latex systems. The selection of an accelerator will depend on the specific vulcanizing system and curing properties. Explore the classification of accelerators, the ...

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dptu-80 high-quality pre-dispersed rubber accelerator cas no ...

Dptu-80 High-Quality Pre-Dispersed Rubber Accelerator CAS No ...

Technical Data Sheet STAIR Rubber Accelerator DPTU(CA) Chemical Name: N-N'-Diphenylthiourea Structure: Molecular Formula: C 13 H 12 N 2 S Molecular Weight: 228.31 CAS NO: 102-08-9 Specification: It...

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dipentamethylenethiuram tetrasulfide (dptt)


This compound is used as primary or secondary accelerator or sulfur donor for for both natural rubber and synthetic. It offers higher crosslink density than other thiurams. It offers a lower reversion tendency and improved heat stability. It contains the highest amount of available sulfur.

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